Premier Lotto Ltd is committed to the growth of all our employees.

It is the culture of the Company to develop its own leaders by hiring individuals with high potential and in-depth personal goals that are sync with our corporate goals and also promoting from within.

Commitment to training at every level combined with opportunities for job assignments, allows employees to gain experience and develop new skills that will continually give the Company a leverage in the gaming industry by raising the bars of the competition.

Premier Lotto Ltd as a learning environment strongly believes that its ability to build such an enabling environment for her employees creates access for achieving the full potential of each individual and the Company

Working in PLL

A Learning Environment

Performance Oriented

The embracement of this high performance culture in Premier Lotto’s core values is to maintain our position as the number one Company in the gaming industry by keeping the Company abreast with the latest innovations in the competition and keeping our employees in the forefront of their careers

Every Employee is Key

In today’s competitive business environment, each employee is perceived as being a key contributor to the creation of value for our Company

Commitment to the values of the Company is a vision shared by all Premier Lotto’s employees who demonstrate their commitment to the ‘new Premier Lotto’ culture

A New Culture

The new Premier Lotto environment is one where the key to the company’s success is achieved by commitment to high performance where employees are encouraged to contribute their full potential by delivering unparalleled value via application of their competencies.


Our vision is to be the gaming company of choice


To give hope and develop entrepreneurs through the sale of innovative lottery games

Our Core Values

+ Committement

We honor our commitment to our customers; we always keep our word. We are committed to our employees’ career development and to the betterment of our society.

+ Driven

We are go-getters and pacesetters. We love a good challenge and set audacious goals.

+ Customer Oriented

We focus on our customers needs and satisfaction. We do not simply sell; we build and nurture relationships.

+ Adaptable

We are nimble, versatile and resilient. We thrive on innovation.


Available Openings

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Zonal Accountant, Abeokuta

Location : Abeokuta, Ogun State



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